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Time & Location

As per Appointment.

New Delhi, Bengali Colony, Mahavir Enclave Part 1, Mahavir Enclave, New Delhi, Delhi 110045, India

About Us

Royalle Community Networks helps in preparing strategy for engaging and building lasting relationships with existing customers in a community environment. Community marketing occurs offlin during Brand promotions and  online, particularly on message boards and social media platforms. These communities are places where customers can interact, discuss specific brands' issues and express their opinions about its products, services and support. 

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  • Melas And Yatras

    Since a majority of Melas and Yatras take place in the rural parts of the country, they form a perfect platform for the brands to build that rural connect. They become a good podium for the companies to introduce new products before their rural push.

  • Transit Media

    Transit media used to consist of paper or paint, but LED panels may be used, allowing advertisements to be rotated or scheduled by GPS location.

    +₹1,250.00 service fee
  • Hoardings

    Outdoor hoarding advertising is large in size, placed in a strategic way usually in an area of high footfall to attract the attention of the public.

    +₹625.00 service fee
  • Barricade Branding

    Single frame barricade is recommended for advertisement since these are being used very frequently.

    +₹250.00 service fee
  • Canter and Roadshows

    It is an interactive advertising medium involving two-way communication with your prospective customer base. High population in the city gives high reach and visibility to the brand.

    +₹750.00 service fee
  • LED vans

    Large OOH advertising LED display screen, attention-grabbing is ideal for advertising and brand awareness

    +₹2,500.00 service fee
  • Stall Activity

    +₹1,250.00 service fee
  • Pillar Branding/ Gantries

    +₹625.00 service fee
  • Thetare Advertising

    +₹500.00 service fee
  • Rural Activations

    +₹625.00 service fee



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